The Fur Coats are a psychedelic pop/soul sextet based in Portland, Oregon. Co-fronted by American sweethearts Chris Karl Hoganson and Betty Downey, their all-star lineup includes current and former members of Reptaliens, Charlie Hilton, and a litany of other Portland rock & roll barnstormers. Theirs is an extremely tight-knit collective — at their inception, most of them lived together in a haunted mansion in North Portland's Portsmouth neighborhood (several still keep an address there, and they continue to use its basement as band headquarters) — and that intense closeness is clear in both their writing and performance.

An explosion of color and sound onstage, The Fur Coats have built a large and devoted following at home and abroad since their inception early in the decade, and have made a regular practice in recent years of quick tears up and down the west coast. In the spring of 2017, the group embarked on their first European tour.

The Fur Coats have been featured prominently in the PDX POP NOW! Festival (as well as its 2014 compilation album), and have had their Tiny Desk Concert contest entry glowingly reviewed for NPR's All Songs Considered blog. Their previous EP, Desperate, has garnered regular local radio play since its release.

In the last year, the band has released three singles with accompanying videos, which together form a a series titled Mirror Gazing. Each of the songs is based around the shifting of the collective perspective from dark to light. The full Mirror Gazing EP will be released on July 15, 2018.


“The Portland-based band captures the unbridled yearning of new, lost and long-distance love — every kind of love in between.”
— Katie Anastas, NPR

“[‘We Live’ is] a slow-building lounge song with an accompanying video that’s a little more sparkly than their previous efforts, but still perfectly captures the Coats’ knack for blending the best of traditional rock and soul with the arty and strange visions of songwriters Chris Hoganson and Betty Downey.”
— Mark Lore, The Portland Mercury

“The entire band brings their A Game every single time they perform, and it’s beginning to pay off. Their positive energy and warm personalities are infectious. The room sways to the beat...”
— Scott Hammond, host for Radio Hot Tub on Freeform Portland

“But whether snake charming, ganja or meditation ... in the end the purest antidote to stress can help, the music of THE FUR COATS hits the right note between increased self-awareness and consciousness-raising experience.”
— The Underdog Fanzine (German translation via Google Translate)